[Cerowrt-devel] A nice blog comparing two DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems

Erkki Lintunen ebirdie at iki.fi
Sun Aug 7 15:08:39 EDT 2016

May be of interest to some of you on the list:


Some points for a summarization:

* author did not measure Bufferbloat
* made a note about difference in latency
* measurements done w. SmokePing
* measurements against ISP's recursive DNS server (as target doubtful, may 
  have heavy traffic shaping/limiting)
* the author's premise to hw was to exclude integrated router or AP function 
  in the modem (I like)
* and support 24 downstream channels at least 
* hw1: Arris SB6190 with a Linux system and source available
* hw2: Netgear CM600 with an eCos system and older fw source available
* Arris got into problems after a few days of operation
* further hw info nicely linked
* the author hints the ISP manages the cable modem fw 
* the author chose to go on with Netgear
* gives a view of status of the cable modem availability and quality w. 
  a certain hw criteria

The author could be hinted to use either Flent (against netperf.bufferbloat.net) or Speedtest of DSLReports.

- Erkki

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