[Cerowrt-devel] WNDR3800 improvements?

Matt Taggart matt at lackof.org
Tue Dec 13 19:58:00 EST 2016


I love the WNDR3800 platform, it's been great over the years first with 
cerowrt and then openwrt. Of the many I've deployed I have only had 
hardware problems with 2 of them, and usually uptimes go over 100 days. You 
can also still buy them used for $20 w/free shipping on amazon!

With the recent improvement for cake,  make-wifi-fast, driver improvements, 
etc is there any chance in seeing some of these things land for the 
WNDR3800 specifically? It would be really nice if this hardware could 
continue to do SQM, etc for some of the faster broadband speeds the cable 
providers are offering (comcast xfinity has 100, 200, 250 plans now) and 
see some of the wifi improvements too.


Matt Taggart
matt at lackof.org

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