[Cerowrt-devel] is there an html expert in the house?

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 15:29:15 EDT 2016

well, anyway, I put out what may become "blog.cerowrt.org" into
github. DNS for it should propigate over the next hour or so.

My concept here is that the world has moved to github, and static site
generators, like hugo, are all the rage. I have thus far failed to
migrate the existing redmine installation elsewhere, and I have a very
large queue of things half written that I'd like to stash somewhere
they can be shared....

I tend to write long emails chock full of links to graphics, and I
frequently feel the need to revise or expand upon what I said.

I also used to keep my lab notebook in git, with test results and test
scripts, and if I can do all these things and "get it out there" -
with minimal effort on my part, it seems like a win. If folk want to
author blog entries or otherwise contribute they can fork and develop
locally on their own hardware using hugo -D server... and then issue
pull requests. This also gives us SSO (single sign on) which reduces
the spam to zero (vs the wiki).

That said... boy do I hate html and css, almost as much as I hate
textile, learning hugo has not been painful but it's still complex,
and I still have to migrate the existing bufferbloat.net sites to new
servers somehow, months ago.

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