[Cerowrt-devel] quad core arm

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Sun Dec 3 12:44:11 EST 2017

I have gone through a lot of hackerboards in the last few years.

I had multiple goals for them - primarily I wanted cheap and
cheap-to-power wifi and ethernet test targets. I settled on the
c.h.i.p. for a while for wifi.

Another goal was a largely fruitless quest to find the ideal next gen
replacement for the wndr3800. These days I'm using a AC2600 as my main
device and waiting for the ath10k support to catch up. I used to use
an olimex something or other for my NAS, I upgraded it to a pine64,
which was better but crashed hard a few months ago and I've not had a
chance to go fix it.

In most cases getting a modern kernel was a major problem. The odroid
C2 was my fastest network test target (can't drive 1gbit bidir tho),
and stuck on linux 3.10 for several years now. (I've heard rumors 4.x
almost works now).

Anyway the nanopi folk are now producing a wide range of boards I
haven't tried... til tomorrow:


These appear to be supported on modern kernels in armbian (which has
thus far been the "best" distro for these hackerboards for me).


On the really high end the 48 core arm boxes from cavium look interesting.

Anything else worth looking at?

Dave Täht
CEO, TekLibre, LLC
Tel: 1-669-226-2619

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