[Cerowrt-devel] [Cake] flent testers wanted prior to next release

Klatsky, Carl Carl_Klatsky at comcast.com
Tue Jan 31 09:48:59 EST 2017

Finally had some time to get to this request.  I downloaded the current git version of Flent and was able to launch the flent-gui on Windows.  I had some old test *.flent.gz results files which loaded just fine.  I tried to open the test files that were linked from Pete Heist mail "[Cake] Flent results for point-to-point Wi-Fi on LEDE/OM2P-HS	available".  Those files did not load for some reason.

Note, in Windows I am only using Flent to view results files in the GUI.  I do not use it to launch tests from Windows.

Carl Klatsky

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Subject: [Cake] flent testers wanted prior to next release

Toke has been busy adding new features to the flent network test tool.
I consider it *almost* stable enough for a new release. Some of the development has been focused on making the flent-gui much faster and more responsive (as our data sets have got larger), others on providing better default command line output, and there's other fixes across the board, including QT5 support.

In particular, I fear we've broken windows users of flent. I would dearly like it if some more folk out there using flent could pull the latest git version and see if there are any new bugs or regressions in it, any of the the 87 tests, and the plotters, before freezing the code for a new year's release.

github: https://github.com/tohojo/flent
main site: https://flent.org/

While you are at it, please feel free to stress out any of the flent servers as a target, give the new cake a shot and compare it against
htb+fq_codel or your aqm of choice, or fiddle with the new wifi code,
and share your data. tcp_nup, tcp_ndown, rrul, rrul_be remain the main tests, but the square wave one is turning out interesting.... :)

And if you have any feature requests or bugs to file, please get them in soon to the github!

We could also use better documentation and tutorials for use... some more example scripts leveraging things like the cpu_stats and qdisc_stats tools, and so on,

Active public servers include:

( this is colocated with flent-bbr-west which has bbr on by default - an interesting test might be testing both these servers at the same time via the rtt_fair* tests from your location)


There are also netperf-west and netperf-east and netperf-eu and no doubt a few others.

We plan to add a few BBR enabled servers over the holidays.

The changelog so far:

- Support PyQt5 in the GUI (and prefer it over PyQt4). If PyQt5 is not found, fall back to PyQt4.

- Add new SummaryFormatter that outputs mean and median values for each data series. This is the new default formatter, meaning that its output will be shown after a test run if no other formatter (or plot) is specified.

- Support multiprocessing in the GUI. When loading several plots at once, plotting will now be passed off to separate worker processes.

  This allows plotting to use all the available processors on the machine, and speeds up loading of many plots tremendously (initial load is sped up by an order of magnitude). This change also means that re-plotting on config changes will be done dynamically in the background, which makes the GUI more responsive.

- Make text completely black in the default colour scheme. This increases contrast, and helps legibility, especially on printed figures.

- Some internal code changes: Port command line parser from the old optparse class to the newer argparse, and fix a bunch of linter

Dave Täht
Let's go make home routers and wifi faster! With better software!
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