[Cerowrt-devel] Current status and recommendations for APU2C*/ArcherC7 and ath10k platforms?

leetminiwheat LeetMiniWheat at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 00:08:59 EDT 2017

Apologies I haven't had time to follow recent developments but are there
 any recent bufferbloat/CAKE related news/recommendations for the APU2
platform? Specifically the APU2C (previous was marvell I believe)

APU2C4 (AMD x86_64 | 4GB | 3x i210-AT)
WLE600VX (ath10k)

Also have an Archer C7 V2 (ath10k) and a old WDR3800 (ath9k) still
chugging along.

Looking for an optimal Archer C7 build or recommendations if anyone
has any experience on it.

Use case:
linespeed: 105/120 fiber -> APU2C4 primary gateway (and some WiFi) ->
Archer C7 & WNDR3800 for internal & guest networks
(undecided which of the last two for each task). My plan is to use
separate networks for bulk traffic others for latency sensitive stuff.

Anyways I searched through mailing lists and google but thought this
might be the best place(s) to ask.
I noticed dtaht is (or was) using an APU2 (though not sure which version
 of it since one of his posts refers to mvneta, the marvell platform).
Also saw that Dave's tc-adv didn't make it upstream?

>From what I gathered, I found these relevant but perhaps outdated:

(refers to APU2 and it's 4 hardware queues but was this marvell/mvneta?)

(Older github repo for APU2 LEDE support but seems upstream now?)

(older fork from above riptidewave93 LEDE-APU2)

(ath10k related; LEDE fork from Candela in which they apparently
obtained the ath10k firmware source code NDA)

(Fairness issue and a reference to dthat's custom tc not going upstream)

[multiple mailing list links]
(References to airtime-fairness? is  this primarily for ath9k?)

[APU2 ubuntu repo link I lost]
Saw a repo for dtaht's ubuntu build for APU2 somewhere?!? Or was it
under another name? If anyone knows the URL I'd love to borrow some
of the settings for testing.

(APU2 related, they seem to still update their bios but they don't
release much.
I also saw some commits referring to ECC support on APU3, I guess ECC on
 the APU2 is a lost cause)

Any other more appropriate lists or IRC channels I might inquire in would
 be helpful.

P.S. My condolences for the loss of your lab @ Dave, that truly is a

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