[Cerowrt-devel] anyone fiddlng with these?

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This is one of things that is happening. Question is what would be the right approach?  Mozilla also seems to be hacking away with little architectural thinking. Under the theory that you don't need a theory, just "good code".

What could go wrong?

How did we get Spectre in every processor implementation? Answer: processor architects all copied a flawed concept that speculation can easily undo observables. But security is often about exfiltration, not just "getting into kernel mode".

Where did the operational architecture for these InterNOT of Things devices come from? Band aid thinking. Patch on patch.

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An esp32 coupled with an arm based 802.14 mcu, or an lte chip...

"With one line of code you'll be securely sending messages to the web."

what could go wrong?"



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