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No doubt.
However, sometimes one can get powerful economic forces to  support good ideas.
The entire telecom industry was going after the Internet as a concept fiercely in the days of "dialup" Internet access. Trying to get the government to allow them to price it out of existence, trying to argue that ISDN couldn't be deployed, trying to argue that "selective content" (AOL) was better than the dangerous open Internet full of kiddy porn and drug cartels, whereas Ma Bell et al. would deliver clean and wholesome content only, if the government would just allow them to build the National Inofmration Superhighway the way it "should be engineered".
Yet, the Internet community routed around all of this, by showing hugely valuable new ideas that were available instantly, and a vibrant ecosystem of innovators working for users, not for the big companies.
It's still reasonable to continute that path.  But it is worth remembering that when Venture Capital joined in, things started to go awry. @Home (done by Milo Medin - funded by Kleiner Perkins, now at Google) was conceived as a closed, walled garden, instituting "web caching" that was supposedly "good for users", whie at the same time breaking the WWW protocols needed for evolution of the Internet, and instituting systematic port blocking that prevented anyone from creating servers.
But Medin and Kleiner were failures, not getting that openness was at the core of the Internet.
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> So, no, the Network Neutrality people are NOT the problem with Bufferbloat.

No, but I think it's fair to point towards corporate greed and political ignorance as common causes of both problems.

 - Jonathan Morton

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