[Cerowrt-devel] Spectrum Auctions Are Killing Competition AndFailing Rural Access

David P. Reed dpreed at deepplum.com
Mon Apr 8 14:26:55 EDT 2019

I've spent almost 25 tears trying to address this problem, technologically.

First with UWB, then with technologies that scale capacity with the number of users in a band, then with the FCC Spectrum Policy Task Force, then on the FCC Technolocical Advisory Committee.

Each time, most radio engineers, having paychecks from monopoly wireless businesses, joined with their bosses to fight us, with the engineers spouting bogus technical arguments in support of technology ideation that dates back to Crystal radio receivers. 

Folks like me, Paul Baran, Dewayne Hendricks, Tim Shepard, TAPRS, have demonstrated a diverse set of technical ways forward.

But the Spectrum Auctions idea, due to a completely flawed understanding of physics and information theory by an economist/lawyer naned Coase, is beloved by the monopolists who control government regulated access to airwaves worldwide. wins every time.

We haven't had any support worth a damn. We're old now. There aren't any disciples pushing this. Google, Intel, and Microsoft actively support auctions and dynamic property rights to spectrum at the same time they support network neutrality.

When I read pieces like this, I think, you've got no program, no plans, you haven't designed an alternative approach. Just whining is all you can do.

If you believe that the current approach is wrong, put some goddamn skin in the game!

Learn about why this continues, and push for a new way.

Walk the talk.

I'm now retired. And tired. Today's radio is being swallowed by a hype frenzy called 5G. It's a bunch of voodoo designed to suggest that governments around the world should extend cellular monopolies' monopoly on the airwaves themselves.

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I worked with steve a while back on the mesh potato....



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