[Cerowrt-devel] I so love seeing stuff like this

Matt Taggart matt at lackof.org
Fri Feb 1 12:26:44 EST 2019

On 2/1/19 8:28 AM, Dave Taht wrote:

> I haven't had to touch sqm personally for years now, and I'd like to
> thank everybody for keeping the package updated and relevant.

Yes it's great! I was pleasantly surprised the other day when switching
a WNDR3800 from using fq_codel+simple to CAKE+piece_of_cake and getting
a 30mbit improvement (70 to 100, comcast). New life for old hardware!

I'm still on the lookout for a good replacement for the dozen WNDR3800s
I have deployed as Friends-and-Family-IT(tm). Starting to experiment
with espressobin + Linksys PoE switch + Ubiquity APs.
Anyone else have inexpensive, better cpu, and 802.11ac capable
replacements for WNDR3800?

Matt Taggart
matt at lackof.org

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