[Cerowrt-devel] the last big make-wifi-fast talk I gave

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 12:21:32 EDT 2020

Since we have accumulated more than a few new people on the list...

Back in 2016, I explained much that was wrong with wifi here, and at
this particular time in the talk, I explained one of the biggest
things wrong with 802.11n, ac, and ax, packet aggregation, and how the
entire industry did testing, using my often hilarious
method of "people as packets"....


there was a LOT more wrong with wifi that could be fixed also outlined
in that talk (multicast, 802.11e stupidities, etc - see the talk),
but just fixing queueing as well as we did exhausted all the resources
we had and it still took 4 years to get AQL into a more deployable

Blatant plug: Toke's thesis is now in its second print edition and
available for either download or a paper copy at:


Get a copy. Get 10 copies! Give em to an IT manager, CTO, sysadmin,
network designer, network operator, anyone that might listen. Post on
your favorite social media site. Put one in your bathroom to read when
you need a break from the internet itself.

I gave a talk over here at broadcom about how to make queuing better
in general, but I don't think they listened.


I'm pretty sure the next gen802.11ax mt76 chip can do gang scheduling
right for ofdma, not so sure about anything else.

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