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comes with centralized off-switch. from.


Led by the 159-member CBRS Alliance and Wireless Innovation Forum,
efforts to open 3.5GHz spectrum for public access required development
of a sharing arrangement between existing users — most notably the
U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) for naval purposes near the country’s
coasts — and the broader public, including millions of potential users
in both landlocked and coastal areas. Using special “spectrum access
systems” operated by CommScope, Federated Wireless, Google, and Sony,
radio frequencies from 3.55GHz to 3.7GHz can now be used by members of
the public, subject to whatever priority access the government may
demand on an as-needed basis.

In the event that the DoD needs access to the spectrum in a specific
coastal area, a protection zone is activated, dynamically reassigning
access system users within the zone to other frequencies. This lets
prior government users immediately access the 3.5GHz band as needed,
while making the previously locked-up spectrum generally available for
consumer devices and future private networks. Supported phones will
enjoy faster speeds and/or stronger signals on the 3.5GHz band,
falling back to other spectrum in the event of DoD use.

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