[Cerowrt-devel] [Bloat] OT: Netflix vs 6in4 from HE.net

David P. Reed dpreed at deepplum.com
Tue Mar 24 18:19:29 EDT 2020

Sadly, my home provider, RCN, which is otherwise hugely better than Comcast and Verizon provisioning wise, still won't provide IPv6 to its customers. It's a corporate level decision. I know the regional network operations guys, which is why I know about the provisioning - they have very high-end DOCSIS 3.1 fabric, with extra capacity, unlike Comcast and Verizon, who are not replacing gear with newer gear until it breaks.

Unfortunately I haven't found a really local place to get IPv6 tunneling from. I've had my he.net /56 forever, but the best tunnel goes down to NYC. And the peering wars are just truly annoying when he.net is blocked as it is from some AS's.

On Tuesday, March 24, 2020 1:47pm, "Dave Taht" <dave.taht at gmail.com> said:

> It is easy to use a nearby linode server as an ipv6 vpn. Back when I was still
> doing it (I too went native ipv6), I used wireguard and babel and
> source specific routing to bring ipv6 anywhere I felt I needed it.
> Linode will give you your own ipv6/64 if asked. If asked especially
> nicely you can get a /56....
> whether or not they meet netflix's requirements for geolocation i don't know.

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