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Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Fri May 1 18:07:20 EDT 2020

{Do I need all the lists?}

Sergey Fedorov via Bloat <bloat at lists.bufferbloat.net> wrote:
    > Just a note that I have a plan to separate the loaded latency into
    > upload/download. It's not great UX now they way it's implemented.
    > The timeline view is a bit more nuanced, in the spirit of the simplistic
    > UX, but I've been thinking on a good way to show that for super users as
    > well.
    > Two latency numbers - that's more user friendly, we want the general user
    > to understand the meaning. And latency under load is much easier than
    > bufferbloat.

    > As a side note, if our backend is decent, I'm curious what are the backends
    > for the speed tests that exist that are great :)

Does it find/use my nearest Netflix cache?

As others asked, it would be great if we could put the settings into a URL,
and having the "latency under upload" is probably the most important number
that people trying to videoconference need to know.

(it's also the thing that they can mostly directly/cheaply fix)

    > Director of Engineering
    > sfedorov at netflix.com
    > 121 Albright Way | Los Gatos, CA 95032

Very happy that you are looped in here.

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