[Cerowrt-devel] udm pro review

Nils Andreas Svee me at lochnair.net
Wed Mar 10 16:44:21 EST 2021

Was kinda tempted to get one of those at one point, but seeing the
software problems with them I'm staying away. Although it could be a
nice OpenWrt box of course.

Ah yes the GPL violations. I've been asked about bringing both CAKE and
WireGuard to the UDMs, but with no sources there's not really anything
I can do (someone did get userspace based WireGuard working though).

When someone contacted UBNT support about it they responded with "We
don't have any plan to release the GPL source code for the UDM and UDM
pro yet".

I mean in EdgeMax land they might need a poke to release the archives
for a new firmware release, but they'll do it. For these however it's
been 8 months since that request and we've seen nothing.

Next time I'm in the market for new networking equipment I'm probably
not going to touch Ubiquiti again. I digged it back in the days
fq_codel was added into the firmware that we reminisced about, but
those times seems to be long behind us.


Best Regards,

On Wed, 2021-03-10 at 12:09 -0800, Dave Taht wrote:
> I have been fiddling with a ubnt udm pro
> the great - 4GB of ram, really fast cpus, can push a lot of bits
> through sqm. the sqm-scripts
> just worked but to make it truly functional at all you need the gui...
> the good - galene videoconferencing server cross compiled and ran on
> it first time
> the bad - innumerable gpl violations
> the awful - having to register the product online in order to use it
> at all... and the registration process for a new account... doesn't
> work.
> I have never been so tempted to just arbitrarily reflash a box to
> openwrt without fiddlin further.

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