[Cerowrt-devel] Looking for MORE SQM Router Recommendations !

Matt Taggart matt at lackof.org
Tue Mar 16 23:06:18 EDT 2021

On 3/16/21 11:30 AM, Charles Rothschild via Cerowrt-devel wrote:

 > I want a 1GB capable SQM router. What options are good nowadays hw wise?

I've been using the Qotom x86 boxes and running x86 OpenWRT on them. 
They have no problem doing CAKE on 1gig symmetrical connection.

http://qotom.net/  and then Products -> Mini PC -> Multiple NIC

But the Qotom vendor site is confusing and also doesn't list all the 
products you can find available. So a while ago I made this decoder ring


The prices listed there are old now, but maybe still help to compare them.
The two models I have ordered are

Q355G4, for $215.00 + $33.64 shipping + tax (seems to have gone up a little)

Q330G4, for $169 + $42 shipping + tax (not available)

OpenWRT doesn't need much RAM (unless you plan to do more than just 
routing with SQM) so I just used some orphaned 2gb DDR3 SODIMMs I had 
laying around. I boot it from a small USB drive, but you could use a 
proper hard drive if you wanted it to do more.

Here's another thing I learned about lately, you can buy the ROCK64 1gb 
V2 board on ebay for $20 including power supply ($5 shipping, decent 
cases for $10-20).


It's got a built-in gigabit NIC and also has a usb3 port.
Anyone know about the SQM potential of that device?


Could it work for just a gateway and then use a separate switch and APs? 
(I'm much more likely to deploy things that way these days rather than 
an all-in-one device). It could maybe make a nice AP-only device too 
with a suitable usb3 wireless adapter. (and what usb adapters do people 
like these days?

Maybe this could be the replacement for the WNDR3800 that were such a 
good deal?
(and if not that one, maybe another PINE device)

Matt Taggart
matt at lackof.org

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