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We've been using galene.org extensively in most of our
bufferbloat-related meetings. It's come a long way, and the principal
feature I miss having is being able to produce a good
recording. Some clients - notably opera - seem to have a buggy webrtc
implementation as well.

I like galene a lot, because it's written in pure go, and has a pretty
good implementation of the gcc congestion control algorithm. It also
can be made to run
on a home router, and the prospect of sending baby video from upstairs
to downstairs and not through the cloud pleases me, as does one day
finding some security camera system that does the same.

Doing better congestion control for galene, however,
would require some extensive changes to the underlying go udp library,
and the addition of packet pacing, in particular, which I keep hoping
to find someone and some funding for.

It only takes a few minutes to setup, and before 4.0 is released, if
you could give it a shot?

The upcoming changelog is this: (in particular, svc is pretty nice)

Galène 0.4 (unreleased):

  * Implemented simulcast.
  * Implemented scalable video coding (SVC) for VP8 and VP9.
  * Preliminary support for the AV1 codec.
  * Fixed the profile announced for VP9.
  * Reworked the disk writer, which should no longer cause corruption
    after packet loss.
  * Added support for recording H.264 tracks.
  * Added a close button to video windows, it is now possible to close
    just a single shared window.
  * Reworked the signalling protocol, it is now possible to request
    different tracks for distinct streams, and there are provisions to
    carry user permissions and statuses; this is not yet used by the user
  * The server will now attempt to increase the file descriptor limit at
  * Reworked internal signalling; this will hopefully fix issues with
    losing tracks under load.
  * Added an option to limit the range of UDP ports used by the server.
  * Added a close button in every locally-generated video; this allows
    closing individual screen shares and avoids the need for creating
    buttons at the top.
  * Stats are now exported as JSON and formatted on the client side; the
    stats URL is now /stats.html rather than just /stats.

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The current tree appears to be solid, so I'm planning to release 0.4 in
the next few days.  If you know of any serious bugs in current master,
please let me know.  The changelog is up-to-date:


As usual, the server has seen some important work, but the client needs
love.  If you're good at UI development in web apps, please feel free to
fork the client, or, better yet, write a better client from scratch (or
perhaps contribute to Pyrite?).  It's easy:


During the summer, I've been using Galene on a low-spec Android phone from
2016 (Cortex-A7, 512MB RAM, no video acceleration of any kind).  It works
pretty well, although the phone becomes very hot after 15 minutes or so.
Some people have indicated that it might be worthwile to experiment with
a native client for Galene.  That should be easy too, and I'd be keen on


-- Juliusz
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