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I really like the 4 over 6 thing

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Dear all,

Babeld 1.12 is available from


For more information about the Babel routing protocol, please see


This version implements v4-via-v6 routing, which allows an IPv6-only
router to route IPv4 completely transparently.  The work is due to
Théophile Bastian, Toke Høyland-Jørgensen, and myself.  The protocol is
described in RFC 9229, which has not been published yet; in the meantime,
you may find the final draft at


V4-via-v6 is enabled by default on Linux kernel 5.13 and later, which may
cause issues in your network:

  - IPv6-only routers will suddently start routing IPv4; if you rely on
    IPv6-only routers to isolate you from the IPv4 Internet, this will no
    longer work.  Please set up filtering rules and firewalls if you wish
    to be isolated from the Internet.

  - IPv6-only routers will suddenly start sending ICMPv4 messages using
    the IPv4 "dummy address"; please make sure your firewall
    rules let through ICMPv4 packets with source equal to lest
    you suffer from PMTUD blackholes.  (This applies even if you're not
    running Babel itself: filtering ICMPv4 packet-too-big is almost always
    a mistake.)

The full changelog follows.

5 May 2022: babeld-1.12

  * Implement v4-via-v6 routing (RFC 9229), which allows a router with
    IPv4 addresses only to route IPv4.  Thanks to Théophile Bastian.
  * Enable extended Netlink acks when available.
    Thanks to Toke Høyland-Jørgensen.
  * Fix restoring of interface configuration to avoid unbounded memory
    consumption.  Thanks to andrew-hoff.
  * Fix handling of deny filters in the install chain.

-- Juliusz

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