[Cerowrt-users] dnsmasq lease renewal and other issues with Berlin current

Fred Stratton fredstratton at imap.cc
Mon May 6 09:16:35 EDT 2013

I have subscribed to this list because I am irritated by the incorrect spelling of 'its' as 'it's' on the developer list. So much for the educational system in North America. You do not understand the possessive.

dnsmasq is used in other router software, including the shabby builds of tomatousb. It performs as expected in that context.

On both the Modena and Berlin builds of Cerowrt,  dnsmasq fails to renew dhcp leases after an unknown period on a given radio network. If a different network is used, a new lease can be obtained as evidenced by the return of internet connectivity. A remedy is to restart dnsmasq from the command line via ssh.

dnsmasq also points to dns servers supplied by the ISP. It is difficult, or impossible, to substitute other server addresses.

The wiki, apart from using the possessive incorrectly, like the developers, does not cover the setup of AQM on the Berlin build at all.

It does not mention that activation requires modifying /etc/hotplug.d to specify a device, and that simple_qos.sh, and the QoS panel, both should not be used.

I have an ADSL line, subject to RFI, with the target SNR set to 12 decibel.

AQM with efq_codel and simplest.qos reduce uplink delay from 5000ms to 700ms. There are massive delays and breaks in streaming video when attempting to run traffic streams concurrently.

This is is the exact opposite of the Taeht roadshow demo.

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