[Codel] [PATCH net-next] fq_codel: report congestion notification at enqueue time

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Fri Jun 29 01:24:20 EDT 2012

On Fri, Jun 29, 2012 at 12:50 AM, Eric Dumazet <eric.dumazet at gmail.com> wrote:

> A router will have no use of this feature, not sure you need to spend
> time trying this ;)

It's not yer ordinary router...

A cerowrt router has iperf, netperf/netserver from svn with congestion
control switching and classification setting, rsync (with same),
samba, transmission, a polipo proxy, scamper, and a legion of other
network analysis tools on-board and available as optional packages.

and it's used in the bufferbloat project as a thoroughly understood
platform for originating, receiving, AND routing packets on a real
embedded home gateway platform that end users actually use, through a
decent set of drivers, on ethernet and wifi.

I am always concerned when changes to the stack like
GSO/GRO/BQL/fq_codel go into linux - or things like the infinite
window in ECN bug from a few months back happen - as they hold promise
to mutate (or explain) the statistics and analysis we've accumulated
over the last year and a half.

And as I'm hoping to do a major test run shortly to get some fresh
statistics vs a vs fq_codel vs the old sfqred tests ( I'm looking
forward to redoing this one in particular:
http://www.teklibre.com/~d/bloat/hoqvssfqred.ps - )

... and you are about to change what those stats are going to look
like, under load, with this change... I kind of need to
understand/track it/parse it/capture it. I've got sufficient hardware
now to easily A/B things.

(sorry for the noise on the lists)

Dave Täht

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