[Codel] Video of my talk at MIT "What's Wrong with WiFi?" is up

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 14:45:04 EST 2013


the first half of this talk revises and extends on the previous talk at
stanford (where I mostly talk about fq_codel, and RRUL). In particular I
extended the slide set to include more examples, and have a rather killer
one showing vast improvements in web page completion time, under load, with

The second half of the MIT goes into my take on some of what's going wrong
with wifi.

In the MIT talk, I take some time to talk about my plans for the wifi
yurtlab testbed this summer, as well. I am entertaining proposals as to
what else to do with it. If anybody has
ideas/algorithms/hardware/time/funding/resources for this effort, please
speak up!

The second half of the stanford talk (2 weeks ago) went into detail on
codel and fq_codel, and the audio to it was just improved rather radically,
so if you haven't seen that one, slides and video are at:

I hope that the methods I'm using to describe network behavior (RRUL), and
codel/fq_codel's behavior continue to improve to where one day they can be
used to effectively illustrate an article or two. In the interim, I keep
trying talks and getting feedback on what's getting through, or not. Enjoy.

Dave Täht

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