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Subject: [rmcat] Recent papers evaluating RMCAT proposals
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> Hi all,
> Following is the list of papers that have recently been published
> about RMCAT proposals. I do not have pointers to all the papers, but
> if you know of any other evaluations or have links to the papers
> listed below.
> Experimental Investigation of the Google Congestion Control for
> Real-Time Flows, L. De Cicco, G. Carlucci, and S. Mascolo:
> http://c3lab.poliba.it/images/0/07/Webrtc_cc-Fhcmn2013.pdf

I would rather like to duplicate their test setup and add a new variable....

> Performance Analysis of Receive-Side Real-Time Congestion Control for
> WebRTC; Singh V., Lozano A.A., Ott J.,
> http://www.netlab.tkk.fi/~varun/singh2013rrtcc.pdf
> Understanding the Dynamic Behaviour of the Google Congestion Control,
> L. De Cicco, G. Carlucci, and S. Mascolo
> NADA: A Unified Congestion Control Scheme for Low-Latency Interactive
> Video, Xiaoqing Zhu, Rong Pan
> DFlow: Low latency congestion control: Piers O'Hanlon; Kenneth Carlberg
> Cheers,
> Varun
> --
> http://www.netlab.tkk.fi/~varun/
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