[Codel] A question about bandwidth sharing with codel

Abas Javadtalab javadtalab at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 13 00:06:10 EST 2014

I have a problem in sharing bandwidth. I have created a testbed to simulate real network using tc. I have three computers: Server, Proxy and Client. A server is sending video stream to client through proxy. and proxy has two NIC's that are configured as bridge.  I want to send iperf traffic besides the video stream as a CBR traffic. I have tested all Qdisc and none of them is working for me. In fact,  the problem is that classful qdisc such as HTB, HFSC ,etc doesn't work very well: HTD doesn't drop packet so I see a huge delay periodically. the HFSC us better but it has the same problem. I have tested all possible configuration except codel   and I will be so thankful if anyone can give me an advice,
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