[Codel] what RTT was fig 7 in the codel paper?

Kathleen Nichols nichols at pollere.com
Tue Dec 1 20:17:26 EST 2015

Oh, that would have been 100 ms unloaded.

On 12/1/15 10:08 AM, Dave Taht wrote:
> What RTT was fig 7 in the codel paper? (the one that showed codel's
> reaction to bandwidth changes?)
> http://queue.acm.org/detail.cfm?id=2209336
> I am amusing myself by trying to create an automated string of flent
> tests to duplicate those results, now that flent has gained tools that
> can plot queue depth as well as ping, we have a testbed with fully
> controllable RTT, etc.
> http://snapon.cs.kau.se/~d/nichols/basiccodel.png
> "To roughly emulate a (nominal) 100-Mbps Wi-Fi link subject to
> degradation, we used a load of four FTPs and five Web connections per
> second and changed link rates at 50-second intervals (over the 300
> simulated seconds), first dropping to 10 Mbps, then to 1 Mbps, then
> jumping to 50 Mbps, dropping to 1 Mbps, and finally jumping back to
> 100 Mbps. Buffer capacity is a single BDP (830 packets) for the
> nominal rate. This scenario was repeated for CoDel, Tail Drop, and
> RED. "
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