[Codel] why RED is not considered as a solution to bufferbloat.

Jonathan Morton chromatix99 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 11:32:06 EST 2015

Most of us on this list believe that to be true, in many cases after
performing experiments ourselves, or at least looking through data
generated by others' experiments.

However, if as I suspect you are investigating various AQM algorithms as
part of your education, you should probably examine the data yourselves and
come to your own conclusions. You may even get extra credit for being able
to describe the difference between AQM and Fair Queuing, and how they can
be combined (as in fq_codel) to give the benefits of both types in one go.
But for that, you ARE going to need to read some boring papers like "RED in
a different light".

- Jonathan Morton
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