[Codel] why RED is not considered as a solution to bufferbloat.

Kathleen Nichols nichols at pollere.com
Tue Feb 24 17:40:38 EST 2015

Or even read the "boring code".

On 2/24/15 8:32 AM, Jonathan Morton wrote:
> Most of us on this list believe that to be true, in many cases after
> performing experiments ourselves, or at least looking through data
> generated by others' experiments.
> However, if as I suspect you are investigating various AQM algorithms as
> part of your education, you should probably examine the data yourselves
> and come to your own conclusions. You may even get extra credit for
> being able to describe the difference between AQM and Fair Queuing, and
> how they can be combined (as in fq_codel) to give the benefits of both
> types in one go. But for that, you ARE going to need to read some boring
> papers like "RED in a different light".
> - Jonathan Morton
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