[Codel] [Bloat] fq_codel is *five* years old today

Stephen Hemminger stephen at networkplumber.org
Sun May 14 21:04:52 EDT 2017

Rich, you gave a good "glass is half full" story but my experience is currently
much worse. Here is the "glass is mostly empty" story.

> There have been so many improvements in so many ways...
> - Cake is the acknowledged winner in SQM

But is still not upstream and requires tuning. In real world, SQM needs to be
adaptive and/or require no tuning. Fq_codel is still way ahead on this.

> - Make Wi-Fi Fast has removed a couple orders of magnitude of latency in the Wi-Fi stack, and Airtime Fairness has eliminated the Wi-Fi Paradox.
But still only works with one chipset, and not in consumer products.

> - All this is Implemented in LEDE, so it's available as a (somewhat) straightforward install on hundreds of different kinds of routers. As a side note, LEDE and OpenWrt are working toward a merger, with a unification of the development efforts.
The merger is wonderful. But my experiments with OpenWRT/LEDE and DD-Wrt all show that the OEM firmware has
more stable Wifi on Linksys ACM3200. It seems current code base is about where Cerowrt was 2 years ago.

> - A few commercial products - notably IQrouter and Ubiquiti - are shipping a good SQM implementation in their products.
But these are are not the consumer products people get from Comcast, Fry's or Best Buy.

Don't confuse developing with deploying. The biggest challenge in the bloat world now is getting solutions deployed.

I hope the world will get better, it just seems to take longer than expected.

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