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I'd always wanted to meet her. RIP.

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Just saw a post from Eddie Kohler that Sally Floyd has died.

She packed a huge number of achievements into a relatively short career in
networking (less than 20 years from PhD to retirement).  She developed RED
for congestion control with Van Jacobson, identified the issues in Poisson
modeling with Vern Paxson, developed TCP SACK, to name a few of her
important contributions.  At one point (and perhaps still) she was one of
the top 10 cited women in computing.  I think she won almost every award
the communications field could give.

She was also a great colleague.  I got to work somewhat closely with her on
the End-to-End Task Force for many years.  She had a knack for presenting
stunning insights quietly and articulately, which made the insights all the
more stunning.

Our world is a bit smaller.


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