[Ecn-sane] ECN usable with UDP paper

Bruno George Moraes brunogm0 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 13:27:09 EDT 2018


Using measurements from the author’s homes, their workplace, and cloud
servers in each of the nine EC2 regions worldwide, we test reachability of
2500 servers from the public NTP server pool, using ECT(0) and not-ECT
marked UDP packets. We show that an average of 98.97% of the NTP servers
that are reachable using not-ECT marked packets are also reachable using
ECT(0) marked UDP packets, and that 98% of network hops pass ECT(0) marked
packets without clearing the ECT bits. We compare reachability of the same
hosts using ECN with TCP, finding that 82.0% of those reachable with TCP
can successfully negotiate and use ECN. Our findings suggest that ECN is
broadly usable with UDP traffic, and that support for use of ECN with TCP
has increased.
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