[Ecn-sane] containers and network namespaces

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Mon May 27 11:21:11 EDT 2019

While in barcelona, I went to the *enormous* containercon conference,
5000+ attendance, tons and tons of people using docker, and I learned
for the first time the enormous size of the kubernetes deployment. The
website claims several billion containers are run every week, which I
do not doubt (how many are in active use at any one time would be a
good number to get)

So I sat down and said... hmmm... what if I had a netperf/irtt
container I could toss around for testing bufferbloat issues? It's not
clear to me, either, how often network namespaces are used in the
field(?) out of that billions deployment, but here a few months back,
I had showed the issues network namespaces had (at that point in time)
with self-congesting on overload:


Anyway, if anyone here has any data or has ever setup a container for
bufferbloat work, and wants to share?

I put the same question up over on their website, here:
If there's a better place to ask the question, please let me know?


Dave Täht
CTO, TekLibre, LLC
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