[LibreQoS] Quantifying the quality attenuation of WiFi

Bjørn Ivar Teigen bjorn at domos.no
Thu Dec 1 11:38:45 EST 2022

Speaking of Quality Attenuation (∆Q), I just published this introduction to
the topic: https://www.domos.no/blog/g89z4cra52qpet85ajfihwx0ykd7m2
It's meant as a high-level intro, so no heavy math.


On Mon, 28 Nov 2022 at 19:59, Bjørn Ivar Teigen <bjorn at domos.no> wrote:

> Hi everyone, and thank you very much for the introduction Dave!
> I've been low-key following the Libreqos stuff for a while now, and I'm
> very impressed by what you are doing.
> At Domos we're focusing on convincing ISPs (EU and US mostly) that
> consistent low-latency is the metric they should be focusing on (and that
> latency performance is, in fact, generally very bad). That starts with
> measurements, and our solution is based around doing
> latency measurements from home gateways.
> The document Dave is referring to is public here:
>  https://www.broadband-forum.org/download/TR-452.1.pdf
> <https://www.broadband-forum.org/download/TR-452.1.pdf>
> It describes a standard way of measuring latency+loss (Which is what
> quality attenuation is; A combination of latency and loss in a single
> concept).
> I've signed up for this mailing list now so please shout if you need me :)
> Cheers,
> On Mon, 28 Nov 2022 at 19:00, Dave Taht <dave.taht at gmail.com> wrote:
>> All:
>> Intro to bjorn, head of research for domos.no in the eu. Attached is a
>> recent paper of his looking over how wifi works using their analytical
>> methods.
>> For the record, the math behind ∆Q makes my head hurt. It has always
>> made my head hurt. I understand packet loss, FQing and delay, and have
>> been seeking a good analytical method, in paritcular, for
>> videconferencing quality, for quite a while. I was happy to see all
>> the netflix metrics go by the other day...
>> Also bjorn had sent me a really big document about some broadband
>> forum work his group is doing, and I don't remember if that was public
>> or private, he'd asked me to review it
>> at least, and I spaced on it halfway through, and perhaps it is
>> published now and he can point us in the right direction. (sorry
>> bjorn! Terrrrrribly busy here of late)
>> Domos is positioning itself as a "latency manager" - seemingly
>> primarily in the eu 5G and Docsis markets, with APIs to "control
>> stuff" at the kind of layer libreqos works at.  We here
>> are mostly positioned in the WISP and fiber markets, as well as
>> perhaps other forms of managed networks... tho it would be nice if 5G
>> in particular was paying more attention!
>> ... and we all are trying to work together to reduce latency on the
>> internet, and perhaps there will be synergy someday here.
>> Anyway, an intro to domos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cO-8Q1N9TKU
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>> Subject: Quantifying the quality attenuation of WiFi
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>> Hi Dave,
>> I saw your tweets about the p99 conference. This paper of mine about
>> latency distributions on WiFi was just published at the LCN 2022 and I
>> thought you might enjoy it!
>> Cheers,
>> Bjørn
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