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anybody out there need some atlas probes?

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Last call! I still have 10 left to give out (must in located in the US)…


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In my day job, I just renewed our RIPE Atlas sponsorship and have a
bunch of new probes coming in soon. I thought it might be cool to get
some folks to deploy these to users of Starlink in the US. If you
might be interested in doing so, I am guessing I will have probes be
able to ship them in about a month (given the upcoming IETF meeting).
Once you receive a probe, it connects to your network via Ethernet and
you will need to use the RIPE Atlas site to activate the probe – which
is about 5 mins work.

If you might be interested, please email me *OFF LIST* with the following info:

Your first & last name
Your shipping address

Don’t know what RIPE Atlas is? See https://atlas.ripe.net/ There are
currently ~1,400 active probes in the US.


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