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Subject: [WISPAMembers] FCC Order Terminating Certain Form 477 Requirements
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The FCC has taken a step to implement the Broadband Data Collection (BDC)
and modernize the Form 477 data program.  It has issued an order that will
terminate the collection of broadband deployment data through Form 477
effective upon publication of this Order in the Federal Register.  Instead,
the FCC will require that providers submit broadband deployment data
through the Broadband Data Collection Process for that information. The FCC
will continue to collect broadband and voice subscription data using the
FCC Form 477, but filers will submit their data through the BDC system.

The FCC now has a process in place for collecting more precise
location-specific data than what was used for the Form 477 process.

Going forward, the BDC system, rather than the Form 477 filing platform,
will be used for the submission of both the subscription data collected for
Form 477 and the availability data collected for the BDC.  Beginning with
the data as of December 31, 2022, providers are required to submit the
following data using the BDC filing system:  fixed and mobile broadband and
voice Form 477 subscription data, fixed and mobile BDC broadband
availability data, BDC mobile voice availability data.  The Form 477 filing
system will no longer be used to collect new Form 477 submissions and will
remain open only for filers to make corrections to existing Form 477
(See paragraphs 12 and 13 of attached order for additional details).

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[FCC Order Sunsetting Certain Form 477 Requirements. 12.12.2022. 5 PM.pdf]

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