[LibreQoS] LibreQoS middlebox w/ bonded ports

Mark Steckel mjs at phillywisper.net
Sun Dec 18 11:37:30 EST 2022

Hi Folks,

I'm in the early stages of spec'ing out a middle box for LibreQoS and have a question about implementing network bonded interfaces.

The planned hw config includes two dual-port SFP+ or SFP28 cards. 

My thought is to create two bonds, with each bond using a port from both cards. One bond for the connection to the edge router, and the other for the distribution router. The objective being that this will minimize the impact from a port or network card failure. 

Before going down this path, I have some questions that I hope folks might be able to answer.

* I want to believe that the Linux code for port bonding is stable and largely bug free, but are there any gotchas to know about?
* Will bonded interfaces cause any problems for XDP/cpumap-pping? (Also wondering about the rx/tx queues.)
* Will bonded interfaces cause any issues with Cake, etc?
* Has anyone tested LibreQoS with bonded interfaces?


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