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> Hello,
> I like libreqos project and initially I would like to ask about the possibility of operating in bridge mode, even not oficially fully  supported.
> My question targets underlying technologies like XDP a others and their performance: is it possible to achieve the same (or similar) performance on QoS on bridging traffic shaper - with VLANs - as on routed setup?

Yes and no. Our biggest testbed is setup as a "router on a stick",
with two vlans, bridging via xdp. As soon as we put routing into the
equation a whole lot more of the stack has to get involved, and
performance suffers. (currently cracking 25Gbit in bridged mode, and
we might get to 50Gbit soon).

I don't have good numbers for what a routed setup would look like, I
suspect they would be below 10Gbit on 16 core hardware (and we
wouldn't be able to scale to use those cores very efficiently). Yes!
Doing this stuff in a routed setup is very feasible, just not
something we're exploring actively right now. Much of the the code can
be made to work routed fairly easily.  A hope I have is a network card
will show up that can do LPM or some set of more intelligent offloads
- as the cake and fq_codel algorithms are very lightweight compared to
the cost of reading data from the network, routing it, HTB or LPM.

Most of the work these days is taking place on matrix -
#libreqos:matrix.org, please feel free to join us there.

Also, a demo of v1.4 WIP can be found here: https://payne.taht.net/

Thanks for your interest!

> Thank you.
> Jan Rovner
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