[LibreQoS] Beta testers wanted for libreqos 1.3

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 23:24:41 EDT 2022

Since the core features for v1.3 of libreqos have (mostly) landed -
way faster bpf-xdp pping monitoring, a huge number of gui improvements
and a bunch of better integrations, and I've kind of lost track of
what else...

Our plan is to freeze the code Nov 15th, and put out a beta release
soon afterwards. Very few betas survive first contact with the
but if you are willing to beta test, please let us know on the list?
Extra-special props for anyone with a big fat AMD or ARM box to throw
into test,
or anything of any architecture with more than 32 cores, or a
different (set of) ethernet cards.

If you have code you want to contribute, please submit a pull request
soon so it can be reviewed (thanks, interduo!)

If you got bugs you haven't filed yet, please file 'em here:

If you have any features you want added to this release... *tough*,
you gotta wait til the next release (mid-February).
.... Well, ok, ok, ok, feel free to keep requesting features, but punt
everything major to v1.4?

The future currently looks like this:

* Nov 15th Code Freeze
* Nov 1x - beta tagged, virtual machines updated, doc at least
partially updated, and ideally 2 existing and 2 "virgin" folk willing
to have a go at it.
* USA Thanksgiving - Nov 22-Nov-28. If it ain't working right, please
back off to the prior release and let everyone have family time.
* If we need to do another beta, Dec 2 for that.
* Final release - December 7th, if all goes well.

Huge shoutouts to herbert & robert for driving this so hard - for toke
and jesper's reviews - and interduo's pull request yesterday...  and
everyone for all the feedback and bug reports so far. I've really
enjoyed seeing absolutely everything start coming together into a
lovely whole since September, and all the conversations that started
here  (https://github.com/rchac/LibreQoS/issues/57 ) and shifted to
this list have been hugely informative and entertaining.

As for beta testing, this code has to be so reliable as to run for
years without a reboot. It seems to be already there, but
comprehensive and constructive QA is hard. There's so many variables
to cope with, too many unforeseen circumstances that can happen. We
need all the help we can get. (Tougher test scripts gladly accepted)

This 1996 song, "Scohemian rhapsody", captures in a nutshell, what the
release process is too often like, elsewhere:


Let's not do that.

This song goes out to all the folk that thought Stadia would work:
Dave Täht CEO, TekLibre, LLC

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