[LibreQoS] summarizing the bitag latency report?

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I used to run a pizza franchise so I go back to that a lot haha.  Latency
(when talking to an end user) is the time between when you order your pizza
and it shows up at your door.  The streets to your house are the internet.
If the streets are clear and the weather's good and the pizza store is
running smoothly, it'll arrive when expected.  If the roads are terrible,
or traffic is heavy it'll be late.   If there roads are packed or
congested, or if they are in bad shape, or too small, or the pizza place is
just really far away, then the pizza is going to take more time to get
there.  The pizza delivery guy takes more time to get to their first
delivery, and then more time to get to you, then more time to get back.

I also lean on this to describe internet 'speed' as 'capacity' and say it's
a misnomer.  It doesn't matter how much pizza you order, the 'speed' is how
quickly they process your order and get it to you which is heavily
dependent on the latency details.  If you order more pizza, it takes a
bigger bag and then eventually a bigger vehicle but since the pizza guy
doesn't have a semi, he has to take multiple trips if you order too much.
Speed is the capacity of his car.  Mbps is pizza pies per car.

Am I getting into the weeds to much here lol

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> If you were to try to summarize this *in a paragraph*, what would you say?
> https://www.bitag.org/documents/BITAG_latency_explained.pdf
> (yes, I helped write this, but squeezing it down to less than 3 pages
> is beyond my capabilities, much less a paragraph, and by the time we
> hit the recommendations section, things had got too political to make
> sane recommendations)
> Also QoS, vs QoE. Try to imagine explaining the need to a CFO, or
> congresscritter. Feel free to take more than a paragraph.
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