[LibreQoS] that tp-link eap615-wall unit's CVEs

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 16:58:18 EDT 2022

I briefly took apart the GPL drop tp-link provides for this. I pretty
much do this for every product that I think about using... that
has good, or looking to be good, openwrt support. I've been working
primarily on mt76 derived chipsets, like this one,
for the past year.

The GPL drop is corrupt, you cannot get the whole thing (it might be me)

The gpl drop contains linux-4.4.198, which was released oct 19th, 2019.
There were 279 total releases of 4.4, most of which were CVEs.
Long term support for this kernel was dropped last year.

The libs I was able to see before the tarball went boom were:

arp                hotplug2-201.test  lzo-2.07        wireless_tools.29
busybox-1.20.2     iperf-2.0.5        net-snmp-5.7.2  zlib-1.2.7
dropbear-2018.76   iptables-1.4.5     openssl-1.0.2q
ebtables-v2.0.9-2  libpcap-1.1.1      tcpdump-4.2.1

There are at least *6* CVEs in userspace, a bunch in busybox and
probably one in ssl, and a couple in dropbear. I didn't check the


there doesn't appear to be a local dns server, dnsmasq had a bunch of
CVEs over the years. it's unclear how they would be doing dhcp without
it, unless they are bridging back to the main unit to do that.

Now, at least TP-link has a gpl policy (
https://www.tp-link.com/us/support/gpl-code/) so you can see what lies
underneath (cambium and ubnt since their spat, haven't, and that's a
problem), and sometimes updates their firmware. So I would actually
call this product "good" by modern standards, and if the cloud
controller is any good, perhaps that's the only way to break into the
unit. Note that "if".

We've struggled a lot with the wifi-6 products in openwrt, and this
one is "barely" supported now. The 6ghz stuff has very poor range when
I last looked and I've not had any 6ghz gear to drive tests with until
recently. But at least the openwrt wifi has a pretty decent fq_codel
version in the present release.

In general I recommend folk buying "new" products take a quick look at
the gpl drop to see how "new" they really are.

This song goes out to all the folk that thought Stadia would work:
Dave Täht CEO, TekLibre, LLC

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