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TDS fiber is a fairly large provider with XGS-PON deployments.  They sell a
2Gbps synchronous service with the ONU having a 2.5G copper interface.  I
have a couple Eero Pro 6E units on this service.

Key piece is that it's a 10Gbps synchronous TDMA strand.  The 2Gbps might
not be that common, but with typical oversells on 10G you can do a LOT of
500M and 1G plans.

Ubiquiti has a product in alpha, I believe we can talk about it next

Also an interesting use case is an SFP+ OLT from Tibit feeting a pile of
tower side radios on a single strand and a 8,16,or 32:1 splitter...    Or
throw that OLT in a Siklu 8010 (10Gbps FDX 80Ghz radio) and feed the APs
off the SFP+ ONU units...  I'm just waiting for a demo unit to get here to
do a cambium v3000 3.5Gbps PTP shot to a group of WAVE APs and 2 450Ms.
Fun times.

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> https://www.fiercetelecom.com/telecom/xgs-pon-now-north-americas-go-technology-heynen
> I'm not sure how to interpret this as either being in a fantasy
> portion of america that I've not seen,
> or as something more genuine in places of sufficient affluence to also
> have flying cars on every roof.
> What the heck can you do with 8Gbit FTTH? And no IP addresses?
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