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 My name is Herbert, and I'm an OSPF addict... seriously, I love OSPF.
Right down to stub sites, not-so-stubby sites, and isolating IP blocks
within a site into "stub" nets and ensuring they are aggregated properly. I
should probably go outside more...

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> OK, since I'm getting such great updates on the state of the wisp
> world, far more in a few days than I've had in 10 years... and btw, no
> need to leap on dr science guy research questions like mine if you
> have like, towers flooding or the phone ringing off the hook....
> What routing protocols are in use nowadays? BGP, yes, and it seems
> ospf is popular?
> How about ISIS?
> I figure babel has zero traction or awareness despite being mandated
> by the ietf homenet working group.
> Secondly, do you rely on BGP based on the edge router or use it in
> software (frr? quagga? bird?). Using RPKI? Push FIBs anywhere? (route
> 666 in particular)
> Similar question related to the IGP protocol in use, where do you rely
> on it, vs all the tunnels you have, on what kinds of hardware?
> I note that robert at some point, somewhere, pointed out how fq_codel
> saved his bacon when there was a major routing mishap (as there is no
> congestion control in ospf), and I'd like to hear more of that story.
> BATMAN has been mentioned. There's other wireless protocols I've liked
> - OLSR for example...
> Nobody knows what lies underneath many consumer wireless meshes
> although it looks like 802.11s is a starting point, none, so far as I
> know interoperate across brands.
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