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Zach Underwood zunder1990 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 11:52:55 EDT 2022

Dave recommended that I introduce myself to the list.  I am a wifi engineer
at Whitesky which is owned by Realpage(yeah I know about the lawsuit, that
is not my group). We provide wifi and wired internet services at multiple
family housing units. We have 600 sites in the USA and service 135k units.
With about 60% being student housing and avg install 1200 APs a week. We
range from a 20 unit complex to  5000 unit housing like Harvard graduate
housing. Our standard deployment is an example of a 200 unit complex. We
will order and install a 10gb wave or EPL from say level3, atnt, uniti or
another fiber company between the site and one of our 13 datacenters. In
the datacenter  we have IX connections, private peering and
transit connections. The fiber will connected to a
mikrotik crs317_1g_16s_rm to be used as a wan switch. Next we have a pair
of ccr2004_1g_12s_2xs. Half of the site vlans are on one router and the
other half on the other router. All vlans on each router we NAT(for v4) to
a single public ip(so two public ip per site). We also dual stack for v6
and offer dhcpv6-pd on the wired network. After the routers they connect to
the nexus 3k core switch and then 10gb links to 3750x that power APs in
unit and service wired drops. We do not rate limit or do any type of
shaping.  At all of our site we are doing a min of 1 ap in each unit. Some
of our sites have paid extra and will get two ruckus r650 in say a 2
bedroom 2 story townhouse.

My website <http://zachunderwood.me>
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