[LibreQoS] Integration system, aka fun with graph theory

Robert Chacón robert.chacon at jackrabbitwireless.com
Thu Oct 27 17:48:18 EDT 2022

This is awesome! Way to go here. Thank you for contributing this.
Being able to map out these complex integrations will help ISPs a ton, and
I really like that it is sharing common features between the Splynx and
UISP integrations.


On Thu, Oct 27, 2022 at 3:33 PM Herbert Wolverson via LibreQoS <
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> So I've been doing some work on getting UISP integration (and integrations
> in general) to work a bit more smoothly.
> I started by implementing a graph structure that mirrors both the networks
> and sites system. It's not done yet, but the basics are coming together
> nicely. You can see my progress so far at:
> https://github.com/thebracket/LibreQoS/tree/integration-common-graph
> Our UISP instance is a *great* testcase for torturing the system. I even
> found a case of UISP somehow auto-generating a circular portion of the
> tree. We have:
>    - Non Ubiquiti devices as "other devices"
>    - Sections that need shaping by subnet (e.g. "all of
>    shared 100 mbit")
>    - Bridge mode devices using Option 82 to always allocate the same IP,
>    with a "service IP" entry
>    - Various bits of infrastructure mapped
>    - Sites that go to client sites, which go to other client sites
> In other words, over the years we've unleashed a bit of a monster.
> Cleaning it up is a useful talk, but I wanted the integration to be able to
> handle pathological cases like us!
> So I fed our network into the current graph generator, and used graphviz
> to spit out a directed graph:
> [image: image.png]
> That doesn't include client sites! Legend:
>    - Green = the root site.
>    - Red = a site
>    - Blue = an access point
>    - Magenta = a client site that has children
> So the part in "common" is designed heavily to reduce repetition. When
> it's done, you should be able to feed in sites, APs, clients, devices, etc.
> in a pretty flexible manner. Given how much code is shared between the UISP
> and Splynx integration code, I'm pretty sure both will be cut to a tiny
> fraction of the total code. :-)
> I can't post the full tree, it's full of client names.
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