[LibreQoS] routing protocols and daemons

Juliusz Chroboczek jch at irif.fr
Fri Oct 28 17:47:33 EDT 2022

> What I think we're missing is the integration of network attributes and class
> of service.  For instance, user to 'internet' has 3 potential paths with each
> having these end-to-end latency, upload throughput, download throughput, and
> say 'quality' or packet loss.  Then having your QoS engine able to tag packets
> for how it perceives them to need routed and then have the routing engine pick
> routes based on availability.

We did implement something like that in Babel:


However, we never merged the code into babeld, due to lack of interest
from our users.  It turns out that it is seldom the case that there is
enough path diversity to make ToS-specific routing worthwile.

-- Juliusz

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