[LibreQoS] routing protocols and daemons

Juliusz Chroboczek jch at irif.fr
Sat Oct 29 16:11:55 EDT 2022

> OSPF is where it is now because it's "good enough (for now)"

It is very good.

> Sure, an implementation that spits out bad LSAs is going to break
> everything - you're going to get some pretty nasty results from sending
> out broken destination-distance-vector data, too.

I claim that in DV incorrect data does not have as much of an effect as in
LS, and that it gets cleared faster.  I'm not able to formally quantify
the effect.

> (It seems like wireless vendors are busy trying to reinvent it at layer
> 2 with proprietary meshing that doesn't talk to other proprietary
> meshing; ugh)


-- Juliusz

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