[LibreQoS] Ipv6 testing

Robert Chacón robert.chacon at jackrabbitwireless.com
Sun Oct 30 21:02:40 EDT 2022

Hoping to test IPv6 as well. In order to do so I need to get Mikrotik's ROS
v7 implemented on two major edge routers on our network (BGP performance is
way more stable on v7 - trying to avoid reboots).
Once that's done in a few weeks I can start testing IPv6 performance more
thoroughly. =)

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> I know I'm pretty lonely on the ipv6 front 'round here, but some notes
> towards doing that for libreqos v1.3 start here.
> https://github.com/rchac/LibreQoS/issues/144
> Well over 50% of my traffic is ipv6.
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