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Now, there was a whole book on tracy widom that I gave away because it
was too hard for me and cannot remember the title of, or maybe it
was on something related in control theory...

There's so much activity around interactive vs bulkier traffic
(fq_codel's sparse flow optimization being one, l4s being another),
as when we try to apply gaussian statistics to networking things it
breaks down. There's other misleading indicators we deal with
like "cpu usage" when the real binding factors are interrupt response
time and running out of cache, that go non-linear, suddenly,
but per these bits of math (like the extreme value theorem), have a
describable shape...

Anyway, BBRv0 came out of princeton as best as I remember, and tracy
widom was popular at the time,

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That's one such, yes.

Turns out, the extreme value theorem is incredibly handy in networking
too. Basically, it shows that whenever you are dealing with rates of
events exceeding a threshold, there's only a few possible
distributions for the rate and size of those events, and that it
doesn't matter what the bulk of the distribution is, just whether it
has upper and/or lower bounds or not.

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> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tracy%E2%80%93Widom_distribution ?
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> > ages ago you pointed me at an alternate algebra/statistics thing that
> > I totally spacing on this morning. It looked better than guassian...
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