[LibreQoS] Integration system, aka fun with graph theory

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> How about the idea of "metaverse-ready" metrics, with one table that is
> preseem-like and another that's
> blue =  < 8ms
> green = < 20ms
> yellow = < 50ms
> orange  = < 70ms
> red = > 70ms

These need configurable.  There are a lot of wisps that would have
everything orange/red.  We're considering anything under 100ms good on the
rural plans.   Also keep in mind that if you're tracking latence via pping
etc, then you need some buffer in there for the internet at large.  <70ms
to Amazon is one thing, they're very well connected, but <70ms to most of
the internet isn't probably very realistic and would make most charts look
like poop.
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