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Subject: [M-Lab-Discuss] Announcement: M-Lab is now publishing
Cloudflare's network quality data
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Hi everyone,

I'm happy to share that M-Lab is now publishing Cloudflare’s
Aggregated Internet Measurement (AIM) dataset, which includes and
builds upon the data produced by speed.cloudflare.com. You can read
more about our partnership with Cloudflare and our mutual goal of
measuring network quality to better understand the end-user experience
on both Cloudflare and M-Lab's blog.

And good news, if you're reading this message, you already have access
to the data. Subscription to the discuss at measurementlab.net list is
all you need to start querying our public BigQuery dataset. You can
test your access and view a sample query here. In the coming weeks
we'll be working on more documentation and example use cases.

I'm also personally excited to note that in addition to publishing
open data, Cloudflare has open-sourced their speed test client,
thereby providing another open source methodology that can be used to
measure Internet performance and enabling the collection of even more
open data, all of which will be accessible via M-Lab's public

If you use the new data and find it useful or have feedback, we'd love
to know about it! Feel free to reach out to me directly or in reply to
the list.

Have a great week!

Lai Yi Ohlsen
Lead Data Scientist
Measurement Lab
Code for Science & Society

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