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Dear all,

this is the Call for Presentations for the European Peering Forum 2023.

AMS-IX, DE-CIX, LINX, NETNOD and guest IXP NIX.CZ, are happy to host the
European Peering Forum (EPF) 2023 from Sunday the 10th to Wednesday 13th
September 2023 in Prague, Czech Republic.

The event will welcome peering managers and coordinators from networks
connected to the host and guest Internet exchanges.

Besides some interesting topical agenda, the three-day event
accommodates room for attendees to meet on a one-to-one basis to discuss
bilateral peering business opportunities.

The programme committee will be looking for presentations and related to
peering and technical topics of interconnection. Your presentation
should address:

* Interconnection Automation
* Regional Peering
* Interconnection / Peering Internet Governance and Regulatory Topics
* Economic and Product Trends
* Peering / Interconnection strategies
* Interesting findings about Peering / Interconnection
* 400GE and beyond
* Any other hot topic related to Interconnection / Peering


Presentations must be of a non-commercial nature. Product or marketing
heavy talks are strongly discouraged.

Submissions of presentations should be made to the programme committee
<epf-pc at peering-forum.eu>. Please include:

* Author's name and e-mail address
* Presentation title
* Abstract
* Slides (if available)
* Time requested (max. 30 minutes incl. Q&A)


Please send in your presentation asap. We decide on a first come first
serve basis. The latest date for submission is July 30th, 2023.

More information about the event and other activities around EPF16 may
be found at

* https://peering-forum.eu/2023/

* https://www.facebook.com/groups/1486607564933665/

On behalf of EPF,

Best regards,

Keep calm, keep distance, keep connected!

Arnold Nipper
email: arnold at nipper.de
mobile: +49 172 2650958

Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxmoBr4cBKg
Dave Täht CSO, LibreQos
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