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Two cities in Colorado are expressing interest in finding a partner to
expand broadband.

Thornton just issued a Request for Expression of Interest for a
provider to deploy a 1-gig symmetrical network, and possibly to
maintain the 45 miles of fiber the city has already built. More
details in the REI here.

Boulder is considering how to operate the fiber backbone that is
nearing completion. From an article in the Daily Camera:

For this approach, the city would work with a private provider that
would utilize the city’s backbone to implement broadband. Annual
operating costs for this approach and a second approach would be about
$50,000. The second option, which is already included in the
staff-recommended option, entails Boulder using its backbone to
provide broadband to residents and businesses that are not already
served by a private provider. The last option on the table would be a
city-run broadband network which would entail the city providing all
of the marketing, billing and technical services, like what is done in
Longmont. It is estimated to cost about $138 million to construct,
maintain and operate.

If you are interested in influencing this project or want more
information, now would be a good time to start having conversations
with Boulder officials to talk about your service.

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